The Tribe of M15F1T5 is a story of an unsolved murder in Texas involving a teenage cult, no bodies were ever found, only a blood stained house and a camera with the cultís video journal. You can rent or buy the movie via Video on Demand with a simple click! here.


Watch the trailer for our movie! The DVD and SOUNDTRACK will be released in retail outlets worldwide this September 2014 so look for it! Here is a link to FREE Tribe radio.
- A note from BEAN, a founding member.
Welcome to our movement!
Please check out all our columns and comment on any of our topics. The Tribe is bigger and growing each day as new people start to show up at our compound. If you want to join us, send us a message as we are still in hiding. If you want to start your own tribe we can help. You can trace us back in real time to the beginning in the Fall of 2011. I hope you will friend us on FaceBook and follow Brick’s daily meditations on Twitter. Most of all, I sincerely believe that change is coming, it starts with each of us and those we know and care about. It starts with our own thoughts and actions toward each other. That is the true spirit of being in The Tribe. Join us where you live. “Change Starts with me” – BEAN

- A little something about our movement and why we made this movie from STREAK, a founding member.
We turned 18 and the world was not what we were promised. We refuse to wait for someone to change the world. So we decided to do something ourselves.

We stopped playing along and letting the POLITICIANS or CORPORATE POWER PLAYERS tell us what we were supposed to do with our lives. We are not just CONSUMERS, MINIMUM WAGE WORKERS AND SOLDIERS.

We are the future and we are real people. Maybe not rich important people, but we count. And most important, WE VOTE!

Change starts here where we live, not in Washington or at a World Summit.

Read the traditions†that make up the backbone of THE TRIBE. Read our columns to the left and follow the ones you like. Try this one from the archives of the misadventures of the overtly sexually active BEAN as he writes about his misadventures with SEX AND POLITICS†, (his new years eve hangover story) or this one from BRICK, his somber†MEDITATION††series will get your day started sober and based in reality. Follow us on Twitter for Bricks daily thoughts in 140 characters or less! Read Preacher Boy’s latest political Rant or check out AK, the sane one in her column Slice of Tribal Life
Coming in 2014, Brick’s meditation series will be published into book form! Stay tuned -Streak


Tribe Man

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“Change starts with me”